Immersive Mindfulness Trainings

Individual Immersive Trainings

Scott works one-on-one with persons interested in a more personalized mindfulness training. Trainings can take place in person and via video-conference. Most trainings take place over a period of one to three months and are not intended to be ongoing as they are designed to facilitate a strong personal practice and easy self-sufficiency.

Small Group Immersive Trainings

Scott works with small groups interested in immersive mindfulness trainings. These groups are facilitated online through video chat technology. Small groups located in the South Florida area may meet in person. Ideal group size is two to four persons. Groups comprise people who work together/know each other and those who do not know each other.

Teacher Trainings

Scott has been working with mindfulness practitioners interested in offering mindfulness trainings for more than six years. In addition to offering certified teacher training in Jurisight, the program Scott developed to introduce mindfulness to members of the legal profession, Scott works closely with individuals interested in teaching mindfulness across a variety of practice areas. Scott work in this area also include research exploring the efficacy of teacher training programs.

Working with Scott

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